Water Bottle Filter
How do I know when it's time to replace my Water Bottle Filter?
The Water Bottle Filter lasts 3 months. Register your product on Filter Ease and we'll send you an email and/or text reminder when it's time for a f...
How long does the Water Bottle Filter last?
The Water Bottle Filter lasts 3 months or 180 L / 48 gal.
How often should I clean my Water Bottle Filter?
We recommend a weekly cleaning. Sanitize your filter by placing it in warm water for 1 minute. Then discard water. Do not use soap.
How do I prepare my Water Bottle Filter before use?
First Use Rinse the filter under running tap water to get rid of excess filtration media Place filter in a bottle or glass and add warm water Shake or...
Why does my Water Bottle Filter turn the water cloudy?
The cloudiness is caused by over-boiling of the filter in water. The primary component of the bioceramic balls in the Water Bottle Filter is calcium. ...
By how much does the Water Bottle Filter increase the pH of water?
The Water Bottle Filter increases the pH of water by about 1.5-2 units on the pH scale. Results may vary depending on the source water.
Can I use my Water Bottle Filter in a larger container, such as a water jug or other pitcher?
Yes, however, the Santevia Water Bottle Filter is designed and tested within a size range of 500-700 ml. It is not designed to be used in larger conta...
Can I leave my Water Bottle Filter in my water bottle?
Yes, however, if you leave the water in contact with your Water Bottle Filter for a long period of time (over 48 hours), the mineral taste may become ...