How do I choose a water cooler for my Gravity Water System Dispenser model?

Updated 1 month ago by Francesca Prato

There are plenty of compatible water cooler units on the market. They need to fit the following qualifications:

  • The Gravity Water System Dispenser Model will fit any water cooler with a removable bottle collar. The bottle collar is the plastic collar that sits inside the reservoir. Most dispensers have removable bottle collars. 
  • The water cooler must also have a flat top and at least 6 inches of void space within the tank - to allow for movement of the included float valve.
  • Santevia does not sell the water coolers. However, we have a list of compatibility requirements on our website and some suggestions for some compatible water coolers. Here is the Link.

The Gravity Water System Dispenser Model requires a water cooler unit to operate. Santevia does not sell water coolers, so it must be purchased separately.

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