How long does the Gravity Water System filter last?

Updated 4 months ago by Graeme

Each filter within the Gravity Water System has a different filter lifespan.

  • Ceramic Pre-filter: Up to one (1) year
  • 5-stage Filter: 6 months (1,800 L or 475 GAL)
  • Fluoride Filter: 4 months (1,200 L or 317 GAL)
  • Mineral Stones: Up to two (2) years
The Gravity Water System comes with the following filters included: Ceramic Pre-filter, Fluoride Filter and Mineral Stones. The 5-stage Filter is not included in the purchase of the Gravity Water System but is available as a replacement filter. The 5-stage Filter can be used in the Gravity Water System instead of the Fluoride Filter. It is an alternative option for those who do not have fluoride in their water, or for those who choose not to filter fluoride.

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