What are the deposits in my Gravity Water System?

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Mineral Deposits in Your Lower Tank

Excess minerals (calcium) in your water can manifest in a few ways. White fluff, film, and cloudy water are all caused by an excess of calcium in your water. This is not harmful, but we understand that it can be an alarming sight.

The issue is usually linked due to source water (tap or well water) that is already high in calcium and/or magnesium (i.e. hard water). People living in areas with ground water are more likely to have hard water and are therefore more likely to have mineral deposits in their Gravity Water System. Once the mineral content in water reaches a certain level the minerals (usually calcium) will precipitate into visible deposits - white fluff, film or cloudy water.

You are more likely to observe these calcium deposits when your Main Filter (5-stage or Fluoride Filter) and Mineral Stones are brand new - this is when they are the most active.


Here are a few steps you can take to remove calcium deposits from your water and system: 

  1. Remove the Mineral Stones from the Gravity Water System and rinse them under warm running water. If white deposits persist on the stones, rinse the stones with a dilute vinegar solution (1/4 cup vinegar + 3/4 cup water). Then rinse the solution off of the stones under warm running water and leave to air dry.
    Do not leave the Mineral Stones in the vinegar solution. Vinegar will dissolve the Bioceramic Balls (the white balls).
  2. Rinse the Lower Tank with warm running water and dry. If white deposits persist on the tank, wash the tank with a dilute vinegar solution (1/4 cup vinegar + 3/4 cup water) and use a soft sponge to gently wipe off deposits clinging to the tank. Rinse thoroughly with warm water and air dry.
    Avoid scrubbing with an abrasive sponge, this will scratch your lower tank.
  3. Run cold water through the Main Filter for 3-5 minutes. Allow the water to drain out of the Main Filter before re-assembling into the Gravity Water System. 
  4. If you continue to observe mineral deposits (white fluff, film or cloudy water) please repeat the steps and add back only half of the white Bioceramic Balls instead this time.

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