Upgrading the Lid of the MINA Pitcher

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Santevia has recently made exciting upgrades to the MINA Mineralized Alkaline Water Pitcher. The new version of this pitcher is called "MINA 2" and includes an improved pour-through style lid.

Alongside the launch of the redesigned MINA 2 Pitcher, we have also released an improved filter that reduces more contaminants than ever before.

What's in the MINA 2 Pitcher box:

  • A new MINA Filter featuring 99% lead reduction
  • A MINA Pitcher featuring the new pour-through style lid

Can I Upgrade my existing MINA if I want the new pour-through lid?

Yes! You can purchase a conversion kit that includes the parts necessary to replace your older flapper style of lid. The four pieces you need are: a spout, weighted valve, handle, and a lid.

Watch the video below to see how to swap these pieces out!

How to Track Your Filter Changes:

To track the life of your filter, you can create an account on Filter Ease. Filter Ease will send you an automated email or text message when it's time to replace your filter.

To learn more about Filter Ease and how to set-up your Filter Reminder click here.

How to upgrade to the pour-through style lid:

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