Why can't I pour water out of my pitcher right away after I fill it?

Michael Hutchinson Updated by Michael Hutchinson

The MINA Alkaline Pitcher was designed for your water to have the opportunity to filter into the lower tank before users try and pour it out. It is important that you give your MINA filter the opportunity to do its job.

The filtration speed of the filter is continually tested during our quality control and assurance procedures. We know everyone likes for things to happen quickly but it's a fine balance to ensure our filters do what we say they do. Our filtration efficacy is not hindered even though the filtration speed of the MINA filter is fairly quick.

If you try and pour water from your pitcher while water is still in the upper tank, two things will happen:

  1. You will likely end up having non-filtered water end up in your glass since water will escape via the gaps around the lid. We hear many people say they can still taste chlorine in their water. Great tasting water takes a little patience as the filter does its job.
  2. The lid could pop off if you are not holding the lid as you pour. This will just result in getting water all over your counter or another surface.

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