Why is my MINA Pitcher Filtering Slowly OR Not Filtering?

Francesca Prato Updated by Francesca Prato

Your MINA Filter may be filtering slowly or may not be allowing water through to the Lower Tank for two reasons. 

Reason 1

The MINA Pitcher can only hold 9-cups of water. Once this amount is reached, any more water that is added to the Upper Tank will not be a able to filter through to the Lower Tank. As a consequence, it will remain unfiltered in the Upper Tank until you pour some water out of the pitcher in order to create space.This is (more or less) how much you can fill the pitcher:

Reason 2

If your MINA Pitcher is taking a long time to filter, you may be experiencing some air bubbles in your filter which are preventing water from passing through. Many faucets introduce air into the stream of water as the water leaves the tap. Occasionally this allows air bubbles to become trapped within the filter, slowing down or blocking the flow of water from the Upper Tank to the Lower Tank. A gentle tap of the pitcher on a counter surface will "burp" the filter to allow another 100-300mL of water to filter through.

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