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Which common contaminants/toxins are removed by Santevia filters?

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What type of testing is done on Santevia Products?

Santevia has its own in-house testing laboratory at its headquarters in British Columbia, Canada. Our technicians work to ensure Quality Assurance Standards are met, as well as work on research and d…

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What is Tritan plastic and is it safe?

Both the clear shell of the MINA Alkaline Pitcher and the Tritan Water Bottle are manufactured using Tritan plastic. Tritan plastic is a food-grade plastic that is free of bisphenol A (BPA), bispheno…

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Are Santevia products BPA free?

Yes! All Santevia products are made without BPA, BPB and BPS plastics. Our MINA Alkaline Water Pitcher and Water Bottles are made of Tritan Plastic. Tritan has significant research and testing to ens…

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I'm going on vacation, what can I do with my system while I'm gone?

Alkaline Water Pitchers: Empty your pitcher and put in the refrigerator. Filtration Sticks: Air dry the product. Gravity Water System (Countertop or Dispenser): Drain all water out of the system. Pla…

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