The tap water where I live is considered "good quality". Why do I need a Santevia alkaline water filter?

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Municipalities deliver water to our homes and businesses that is filtered and then treated with a primary disinfection to kill any bacteria and viruses. This is followed by a secondary disinfection using trace levels of chlorine to prevent the growth of bacteria as it travels to our taps and showers.

Although our tap water is considered safe, after the water leaves the city's treatment plant it can still come into contact to contaminants along the way. The public water supplies in most cities in North America still contain trace amounts of contaminants such as disinfection by-products, pharmaceutical drugs and heavy metals (including lead, iron, and copper from aging pipes).

Only by using an additional home water filter will you be able to remove these harmful elements from your water. Santevia's water filtration products have been tested in our Vancouver-based QA lab as well as in an independent third-party laboratory to reduce chlorine, bad tastes and odours, heavy metals, industrial chemicals, pharmaceutical elements, and agricultural contaminants.

Additionally, your Santevia alkaline water filter will work not just to purify your tap water but also to improve its quality through raising the pH and re-mineralizing your water with trace minerals such as calcium and magnesium. Not only does this improve the taste of your water, but it also ensures you are getting the mineralized and alkaline water your body needs to thrive.

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