Does Santevia remove microplastics?

Santevia provides two great filtration options to minimize microplastic exposure:

  1. The Gravity Water System, with its Ceramic Pre-filter, effectively targets microplastics as small as 0.3 microns (300 nanometers), including some nanoplastics. 

  2. The MINA Pitcher and Glass Water System are designed to capture larger microplastics: those that are 0.213 millimeters and above. 

Here is some additional information on the sizes of microplastics:

  • Large Microplastics: These are about 1 to 5 millimetres in size, originating from the breakdown of larger plastic items.

  • Small Microplastics: These are less than 1 millimetre, often resulting from further degradation of plastics or originating as manufactured tiny beads in products.

  • Nanoplastics: The smallest, under 0.1 millimeters (100 nanometers), they can penetrate living cells and tissues.

Although not specifically tested for microplastic release, Santevia's use of high-quality, food-safe plastics focuses on product integrity and safety. As a general rule, the harder the plastic, the safer it is. 

The MINA Pitcher is made from 3-millimeter thick, durable Tritan plastic that is BPA/BPS-free and FDA compliant. The Gravity Water System also uses a 3-millimeter thick SAN plastic reservoir that is BPA/BPS-free. Another added advantage of the Gravity Water System is that as a countertop style water filter it is not handled frequently and therefore the plastic never comes under compression; reducing the potential of microplastics being released.